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What Readers are Saying - About the Book

"…you have done yeoman's work."
Professor Walter Williams (guest host for Rush)
"Congratulations on your efforts"
Presidential candidate Howard Phillips
"The book is great."
Terry Carroll, Oregon Coordinator, 2nd Amendment Sisters
"Great book."
Ron Smith, President, Oregonians for Responsible Conservation Action
"It is by far the best documented and organized book on American freedoms … in quite awhile."
Howard Poore, California



Author JD Hudson

J.D. "Doug" Hudson

About the Author

J.D. "Doug" Hudson was born in Pasadena, California, in 1951 and moved to Southern Oregon in '82, where he raised his four children. He has 35+ years of experience as an independent businessman dealing with government, lawyers & bureaucracy.  His extensive legal knowledge was gained while representing himself in decades long legal battles with the IRS and one with the State of Oregon which ended in the Oregon Supreme Court.  In 1994 he helped organize a 2nd Amendment rally in which 1,000+ citizens marched through Grants Pass to hear Sheriff Richard Mack speak on his battle against the Brady Bill. A life-long love of firearms - his extensive first hand legal experience - and an extensive study of America's Founding Fathers led to this website and his book "How Governments Disarm Citizens : When Laws Replace Rights"

Why This Book Was Written

Gun control is UN-AMERICAN!

Giving up the natural right to keep and bear arms is UN-AMERICAN!

A government that would infringe on the natural rights of the good and decent Americans that keep and bear arms is UN-AMERICAN!

Gun control goes against everything that America stands for!   I will not stand on the sidelines and watch this great nation disavow natural rights and accept government laws controlling Americans' guns.

Anti-big-government pro-gun extremists founded America. They declared that it was "self-evident" that "certain unalienable Rights" (among them the right to keep and bear arms) came from "the Laws of Nature and Natures' God," and were not to be altered by government.  The British government of the American colonies believed government was the source of rights (as all governments do). Increasing conflict between British law and Americans' natural rights caused rebellion by the colonists. The British government met the rebellion with increased military force. The British attempted gun control, marching to confiscate "rebel" guns and gunpowder stored at concord, Massachusetts. Shortly before daybreak on April 19, 1775, 65 Minutemen gathered in Lexington, Massachusetts, and boldly challenged government authority to confiscate guns.   America would endure eight years of war and 25,000 Americans would die rather than submit God-given rights to government by accepting gun control.

Yet today America has the largest, most powerful government in the history of mankind - a government far more controlling, taxing, and demanding than our founding generation abolished. What happened?

For most of my life I have rebelled against and tested government authority, spending endless hours in law libraries preparing to protect my rights in court. A deep understanding of law, jurisdiction and big government tactics was my reward.   A study the true intent of our Founding Fathers in forming this republic, and a two-month trip visiting their homes, battlefields and other historic sites of the American Revolution deepened my appreciation and understanding of their wisdom.  Showing my family the town common at Lexington and explaining the historic confrontation that occurred there 232 years ago, when farmers and shopkeepers gathered to defy government gun control, was intense - and it changed my life.   I realized that I cannot go back to that day and join those American souls on their field of honor, but I can get into the same battle today. They would not allow gun control - I will not allow it either. I have chosen the pen as my weapon and the written word as my field of honor.

Americans are not taught (intentionally I believe) the principle of liberty, of rights, and the dangers of unrestrained government Our Founding Fathers have been removed from the textbooks and curriculum in our schools. Their Christian morality, upon which the entire framework of our nation is based, is today politically incorrect. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the of Rights have faded from memory as Americans' dependence government has increased. The Constitution is useless in courtrooms, and the Bill of Rights has been filed in the trash. Citizens, families, churches and businesses are losing freedoms to ever-increasing numbers of government agencies, laws, licenses, rules, regulations.  But this is as it always has been. It is my sincere hope that my 30+ years of fighting government, and 3 1/2 years of direct research in writing this book will help America understand - How Governments Disarm Citizens - When Laws Replace Rights.

Chapter One - Why Americans Own Guns
George Washington personally owned 50 guns - 40 rifles and 10 handguns.  He was personally responsible for leading the fight for freedom in liberty in this country.  What he said to the congress about guns opens chapter one, and sets the tone of this book. In his Presidential Address to the First U.S. Congress, the Second Session, President Washington declared:
"...when firearms go, all goes...we need them every hour... Firearms stand next in importance to the Constitution itself.   They are the American people's liberty teeth and keystone under independence.  The church, the plow, the prairie wagon and citizens firearms are indelibly related... The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference... they deserve a place of honor with all that's good...From the hour the Pilgrims landed, to the present day, events, occurrences, and tendencies prove that to ensure peace, security, and happiness, the rifle and pistol are equally indispensable ..."
Chapter 1 Subject Headings
- Why Americans Own Guns
- Slaves Never Own Guns
- Liberty or Death
Chapter 2 - Gun Rights or Gun Laws
The true issue of your right to own firearms is whether it is a right, or a privilege controlled by government laws.  This chapter draws on the authors extensive legal knowledge gained fighting the government in court to retain the God-given rights which our Bill of Rights once protected. 

The difference between a right and a law is explored.  The historical proof that government always replaces rights with government laws is detailed.
Chapter 2 Subject Headings
- Law
- Natural Law
- Man's Law
- Trading a Right for a Privilege
- The Force of Law
- The Spirit of the Law

Chapter 3 - The Rise and Fall of Governments
Man's history repeatedly documents nations rising to great power and wealth, and yet they collapse and disappear in a similar time frame.  America is no different, and history shows her demise is imminent.  Our Founding Fathers warned of the dangers of wealth and gradualism.
History teaches that government imposed gun control is the historical sign of a dying nation overrun by its own government.
Chapter 3 Subject Headings
- The Roman Empire
- Ancient Greece
- Ancient Egypt
- China
- Wealth
- Gradualism

Chapter 4 - Our Founding Father's Intent
About 200 men rose to the challenge of freeing America from big government and its tyranny.  These men are known as the Founding Fathers.  They were all intelligent, freedom loving and willing to give their Lives, their Fortunes, and their sacred Honor in support of liberty.
The framework of government, and the documents these men gave us were intended to LIMIT government power.  That our government has escaped its own limitations and is now controlling America's guns proves that Americans have forgotten our Founding Father's Intent.
Without a precise understanding of the founding documents, you cannot call yourself an American
Chapter 4 Subject Headings
- The Declaration of Independence
- The Constitution
- The Bill of Rights
- The Foundation of Liberty
Chapter 5 - We Were Warned
Those brilliant men that formed and framed this great nation warned us of the many threats to freedom and liberty.  They told us to only elect men of great character.  They warned us that "internal invaders" were as dangerous to our liberty as foreign nations.  They gave us a Republic, and told us never to descend into the mob rule of Democracy.  We were even warned that the very constitution that would form the federal government would be used to empower government on its never-ending road to tyranny.  The standing army was declared to be dangerous to liberty, and they warned that government would tax us to pay for the army that would be used to enslave the nation - as all governments have always done.
Chapter 5 Subject Headings
- Character Counts
- Internal Invaders
- Democracy
- The Anti-Federalists
- Attacks by a Tax
- Standing Armies
- Tyranny Predicted
Chapter 6 - Their Warnings Come True
The title is self-evident -- their warning have all come true.  The declining character of our public officials is documented.  The acceptance of the principles of democracy have completely displaced the republic we were intended to live in.  Taxation has repeated the increases seen in the period just before the American Revolution began.  Americans today live with "search and seizure" which only occurs in a nation during times of war, and has only taken place in America during the American Revolution, and the Civil War.  And worst of all - we have 57 federal agencies carrying guns, most with their own SWAT teams, and police forces acting like the military while the military forces are taking part in police activities.
Chapter 6 Subject Headings
- Declining Character
- Democracy
- Taxation
- Search and Seizure
- Our Standing Army
Chapter 7 - Jurisdiction
This chapter explores and explains the actual methods used by government to dupe people out of their rights, and into government jurisdiction.  The 3 legally different "United States" are explained, and the 14th Amendment citizens that live in one of the "United States."  How the government has expanded Admiralty jurisdiction and its yellow-fringed flag into every part of our lives it demonstrated.
In order to understand gun control, one must understand how the IRS forces people into "voluntary compliance" with laws that only apply to people that agree and sign the IRS forms, for this is how the BATF has grown in power and control over those who are under their jurisdiction.
Most gun control laws are empowered by the "commerce clause" of the the U.S. Constitution, and this subject is exposed.  Many of our Founding Fathers warned that this power over commerce would be used to destroy the Bill of Rights, and it has.
"Emergency powers" and "war powers" are exposed for their ability to undermine the intent of America's founders and the Bill of Rights.  And the "war powers" now emerging under "America's New War" as it's called will be seen for what they are -- TYRANNY!
Chapter 7 Subject Headings
- Which United States
- 14th Amendment Citizen
- Admiralty Jurisdiction
- Admiralty Flag
- Administrative Jurisdiction
- The IRS
- The BATF
- The Commerce Clause
- Emergency Power
- UN Jurisdiction
Chapter 8 - Lawyers, Judges, Juries
Once the greatest of all checks against government power, the JURY has been emasculated by judges and lawyers that are paid by the government to carry out the wishes of government.
Judges take an oath to "support and defend the Constitution" and simply do not do so.  Judges have told this author in court, "Cut the constitutional crap - This is a court of law"  - and they are right, the constitution cannot be brought up in most court rooms!
The intended and historically exercises power of the jury to protect freedom and liberty from government tyranny is documented.
Chapter 8 Subject Headings
- Lawyers
- Judges
- Juries
Chapter 9 - Growing Tyranny
Tyranny is said to exist when government operates outside of its legal power.  This chapter will knock your socks off - by showing the actions of America's government in complete opposition to the constitutional intent and government's legal power.
Here we see the real reason government wants to disarm America - She has been plundered by government pirates of her wealth and rights and is heading into FASCISM just like NAZI Germany.  The documentation is here and is undisputable.
Chapter 9 Subject Headings
- USA - United Socialist America
- Bureaucracy
- The Dollar
- National Debt
- Social Security
- Bipartisan Politics
- Fascist America
Chapter 10 - Brainwashing
America was founded by freedom loving extremists using "unregistered assault rifles" to overthrow the legal, constitutional government of the day.  Brainwashing, clearly documented and explained, has turned most Americans into the the "Redcoats" once again.
The Russians Communists and Nazi Germans perfected the art of brainwashing, and those techniques are easily identified in government actions and court decisions, school teachings, and even Hollywood movies.  It's a done deal - the country is on "spin cycle," the washing is over!!!
The boldest act in brainwashing is to remove a country from its spiritual foundation, so that the spirit of  government can become God.  We are there - read the proof.
Chapter 10 Subject Headings
- Psychopolitics
- TV, Movies, Music
- The New Family
- Propaganda
- American Schools
- Government Schools
- Separation of Church and State
- Separation of Morality and State
Chapter 11 - One Nation Under God
Chapter 11 is not meant to preach, but to clearly establish that America was founded by Christians, and its government was framed upon Christian principles of law and order based on the Ten commandments.
As America lets go of its Christian foundation, it lets go of its freedoms and liberty.
Chapter 11 Subject Headings
- The Founding Documents and Christianity
- Congress and Christianity
- The President and Christianity
- The Supreme Court and Christianity
- The Founding Fathers and Christianity
- The States and Christianity
- Direct Warnings
Chapter 12 - To Keep and Bear Arms
The 2nd Amendment is more important to America's freedoms and liberty than the Constitution and Bill of Rights combined.  The "right to keep and bear arms" is the reset button for liberty!  Without the decisive lethal force over government, Americans will have no rights - only government privileges.
Make no mistake, the right to keep and bear arms is a private right, and the militia was intended to be the true source of power in America.  Our Founding Fathers warned that if the spirit of the militia was lost, so was the country.
Chapter 12 Subject Headings
- The 2nd Amendment
- A Private Right
- The Militia
- Well Regulated
- The Spirit of the Militia
Chapter 13 - Gun Control
The goal of all totalitarian governments is to disarm its citizens.  Roman statesman Marcus Tullius Cicero told the world in 50 BC that "Law stands mute in the midst of arms."
This chapter explains the fallacy of government gun control, and details the horrible outcome of many nations allowing their arms to be controlled.
Despite the propaganda, guns are really safe in the hands of good and decent Americans, so government must devise schemes to gain access to, and control over, the nations arms.
Chapter 13 Subject Headings
- Gun Control
- Disarmed Nations
- Guns Are Safe
- Gun Control Schemes
- Criminal Control
Chapter 14 - Patriotic Americans
By 1775, the British had established high taxation, centralized control and regulation, and search and seizure.  America in the year 2001 finds itself under the same governmental system.  To stand up for God-given rights and against government tyranny was what Americans did in 1775.  The challenge to REAL AMERICANS is no different today.
Chapter 14 Subject Headings
- Life, Liberty, Property
- The Price They Paid
- Declaration of Independence, 2000
- Our Life, Liberty, Property
- A Republic If You Can Keep It
- Taking America Back A Final Thought



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